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Do you have a great idea, or the framework of a manuscript, but simply can’t find the time or do not have the expertise to finish writing your book?

Ghostwriter Grant is the solution to either of these problems. A brilliant idea which is not effectively presented will not gain the readership it deserves. I am a Christian ghostwriter who focuses on detail. Using the depth of exclusively Christian ghostwriting experience I’ve gained since 2009, I work with you to prepare your material for publication, whether you present me with an idea, a few pages of rough notes, or a manuscript. Systematically polishing and perfecting your idea becomes a simple process once the framework has been established.

Through the Christian ghostwriting process, I enhance your creative spark and remove the technical burden of producing a well formatted digital manuscript. I ensure your manuscript targets the optimal audience, and gives you the highest chance of being selected by a major publisher! My writing expertise includes fiction and nonfiction, and many of my client’s manuscripts have been published.

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