What Does It Cost?

Prices vary according to various criteria:

  • How many words your manuscript requires
  • How many words it consists of when I accept the project
  • How much research is needed to complete the manuscript for publication
  • How cohesive the material is when presented to me

That being said, however, ghostwriting a fifty-thousand word book for example, can range between (US$) 10¢ per word and 50¢ per word, depending on what you present to us.

A well written manuscript that simply needs tweaking, formatting, and polishing will cost a lot less than, for example, a concept you have roughly outlined, where we first need to craft a framework and then expand it with the nuts and bolts of your message. The amount of research a ghostwriter must do for a project also has a bearing on cost. You can find out more at my Frequently Asked Questions page.

Please contact me today if you have any more questions, or to get started on your book.


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