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Writing has always been my first passion. During the 2008/2009 global recession, I switched my focus from the film industry to ghostwriting and editing. I have been ghostwriting on a freelance basis ever since.

2009 – Present Ghostwriter


Fiction: short novel based on a true story

Fiction: novel exploring methods to prepare people for life and death

Nonfiction: autobiography of how a family struck by repeated tragedy keeps their faith in God


Nonfiction: Christian website biography

Nonfiction: SET FREE: Why I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ—Evangelist Peter Rahme’s first mini-book, ghostwritten in conjunction with Brad and Hilton Rahme. Ghostwriter Grant and our sister company, Uberwriters, designed the cover of SET FREE, and handled all the self-publishing details, including type-setting etc.—we offer these services in addition to ghostwriting and editing. Follow one of the links below to buy your own copy:,peter-a-rahme-grant-a-rahme-brad-9780999666807

Proofreading: autobiography, The Greatest Pretender: 1 Youth Leader, 4 Abortions, 18 Years of Secrecy, by Mark Bradley Morrow with Brad Rahme. To buy your own copy, follow the link below:

Nonfiction: Christian website biography and articles


Rap songs: current scriptural lyrics set to hymn tunes

Nonfiction: the significance of biblical foreshadowing and the lessons it conveys

Nonfiction: autobiography of a female Christian pastor and the struggles she has encountered

Nonfiction: Christian daily devotionals compiled into a book


Nonfiction: autobiography of a Christian freed from Mormonism

Nonfiction: scriptural self-help concerning Christian marriage

Nonfiction (I was part of a team of writers and editors who worked on this book): The Least of These: One Man’s Remarkable Journey in the Fight Against Child Trafficking, by Jeff Brodsky. To buy your own copy, follow the link below:

Nonfiction: significant biblical characters and the lessons they bring

Faction (a blend of fact & fiction): fictitious backstory of a prominent biblical character

Nonfiction: autobiography—a pastor’s spiritual battle to regain his integrity


Nonfiction: biography of a famous Christian physician’s life story

Fiction: biblical story of Noah’s Ark written in the fantasy genre

Fiction: novel exploring faith, atheism, and science


Hymn: written in rhyming four-verse

Hymn: written in iambic pentameter

Ph.D proposal: helping a Christian scholar reduce a broad range of information down to a specific thesis question

Fiction: biblical novel

Nonfiction: module ascribing scriptural principles to yoga and mixed martial arts techniques

Nonfiction: scriptural work assessing the divinity and humanity of Jesus Christ


Faction: a biblical character and his importance to the life and death of Christ the Messiah

Fiction: stage play based on events surrounding the nativity of Jesus

Fiction: ten short stories for children

Faction (a blend of fact & fiction): a blend of biblical characters whose fictitious backstories attempt to give readers insight into scriptural events


Fiction: Realism interspersed with African folklore

Nonfiction: an exploration of scripture regarding spiritual and physical warfare


Nonfiction: social justice from a scriptural viewpoint

Nonfiction: social justice and a scarcity of crucial global resources


Nonfiction: eschatology


1992: Bachelor of Arts Degree – Rhodes University (Major subjects: English & Journalism)

1987/88 National service – Air Force

1986 Matriculated (English prize) Alberton High School


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