The Christian Ghostwriting Process

The Christian Ghostwriting Process

To do justice to a fifty thousand word Christian ghostwriting project, I usually estimate a four to five month turnaround time, depending on how much rewriting certain sections may require, or if any major surprises crop up within the manuscript that require further conceptual development and rewriting. I update clients every Friday, sending a document which includes all progress made during that week.

The client then has the weekend to read the material and make appropriate comments or suggestions. The following week I incorporate client feedback into the manuscript after clarifying any ambivalence. I find it useful to have a short Skype discussion every second week, which I reserve the option to record for later reference. With some clients, this is not necessary, as they send extensive notes for me to work with after each weekly update.

Once I have established your manuscript’s word count, I estimate how long it will take to implement all the checks and balances that develop a well written book. This check list includes a comprehensive semantic edit, which ensures that the overall logic of your manuscript is sound, and which keeps the story credible and authentic within its genre. Grammatical and structural errors will be addressed, such as inconsistent tense alignment and incorrect punctuation.

I also focus on reworking awkward transitions to assist the flow and rhythm of prose or to improve plot logic. Any biased language will be reworked, and stereotyping replaced with less formulaic alternatives. Redundancies will be eliminated, hyperbole toned down, and those sneaky mechanical errors corrected. Any weakness in plot development is strengthened, and consistent formatting is applied throughout. Simply stated, I aim to address any issues that will reduce the time spent on your manuscript by a professional editor, which translates into a decreased editing expense.

When complete, your manuscript will include a Table of Contents (with hyperlinks that take the reader to each specific chapter), will be double-spaced and set in a number 12 font Times Roman script. The manuscript will be clean, free of spelling and grammatical errors, with no evident gaps in the logic and sequencing of the story. Footnotes or Endnotes will be included if and where appropriate.

Once I have completed the ghostwriting process, I proofread the manuscript, making corrections where necessary. I highlight these changes for the client’s approval and feedback. I then complete a second edit, incorporating any final comments or suggestions by the client. In spite of these two internal edits I strongly recommend having the manuscript externally edited – a second pair of professional eyes is generally invaluable to the overall process.

For clients who are interested in partnering in this creative process with me, I draw up a formal proposal covering all these and other details. I usually ask for three equal installments paid into my local bank account: when the first installment clears in my account, I start writing. The second installment is due at the halfway mark of the projected word count. The final installment is required once I send the first draft of the final chapter. Copyright is finally and fully vested in the author when the final installment clears in my account. I do include a professionally written cover letter for clients to send to publishers as part of my initial quote. Any subsequent supporting documents required by publishers will be charged for accordingly.

Please contact me with any further questions about the Christian ghostwriting process.

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